The Mall

Immersed in the heart of Amman in a spectacularly 227,000 square meter of modern and refined architectural space, Abdali Mall is the Kingdom’s upscale retail and entertainment hub and the first of its kind to utilize eco-friendly technologies, designed with open-air features, allowing for natural air-flow circulation.

This state-of-the-art shopping destination is the unique home to the finest brands, services and F&B options providing an unparalleled shopping experience, with the natural scenery to beautify the interior landscape of the mall, creating a positive atmosphere with the waterfall and the palm trees forming an oasis within the mall.

Designed with special attention to spaces, building materials and reducing water and energy consumption, Abdali Mall is the first in the kingdom where its internal public spaces are replicated as outdoor piazzas to be the visitors’ sanctuary.  

Extending over five floors above ground, featuring a large number of local, regional and international retail brands. In addition to five basement floors designed as an easy and accessible smart parking space for 2,400 cars to offer more convenience to the visitors. The mall features a sustainable air conditioning system controlling the temperature all year long with energy efficiency features.

Abdali Mall also offers dining options from restaurants to the food court outlets accommodating up to 1000 customers to dine at the same time in a beautiful and electrifying setting.

Beyond shops and restaurants there are many services that will make your visit even more pleasant, including a 9-screen cinema, a spacious supermarket and a spectacular family entertainment center.

In short, Abdali Mall is the Kingdom’s retail and entertainment hub; a thriving, dynamic space where hospitality, technology and architecture come together to ensure each visit to the mall is a memorable experience. 

  1. Entertainment Center

    A vast indoor space, equipped with the latest entertainment gaming facilities & devices, allowing visitors to congregate, connect and engage.